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But as we talked about how our casual dating relationship led us to this point, she said something that took me by surprise.She said, “we’ve been really intentional about this (our casual dating relationship).” Um…say WHAT?They “date around.” They engage in casual hook-ups.Rather than honoring God with their bodies, they see sex as inconsequential. God gave us intimacy because it’s part of the process by which we become one with another person. When you have a sexual relationship with someone, it creates a powerful, intimate bond. That’s why sex can be so damaging before (and outside of) marriage.That doesn’t mean I go to a first date thinking “okay, Justin, before the night is out, you’ve got to find out if she passes the First Date Marriage Material Test.” That’s called OVERTHINKING, and it can truly harm your love life!It simply means that even casual dating is producing a good effect: I’m learning through experience what person I should pursue a long-term relationship with.

In addition to biblical romance, his passions include running, swing dance, reading, learning, discipleship, and, above all, Jesus Christ.

See, who you are at heart determines your behavior.

When you simply ARE a person who wants to build relationship rather than have a fling, it comes out of you whether you mean it to or not.

(For more on that, see my post The Good And Bad Of Casual.) People can say all the right words and pretend to be pursuing marriage yet intend to dump you once they’ve gotten the self-gratification they wanted. Then you’ll honor Him and pursue what’s right in everything you do. Then you won’t use your neighbor to gratify yourself.

Rules, regulations, and explicit conversations can’t make a person intentional if it’s not who he or she is at heart. You’ll naturally want to build relationship rather than serve yourself. As He does, you’ll find that your intentions naturally will be to pursue what’s good, right, and lasting…without even trying.

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