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You can do this by setting the Realm works in such a way that the size of a Realm file is always larger than the total size of the objects stored within it.

See our documentation on threading for some of the reasons why this architecture enables some of Realm’s great performance, concurrency and safety advantages.

If you’re looking to use Realm from Objective‑C, or from mixed Objective‑C & Swift apps, please see Realm Objective‑C instead.

The Realm Objective‑C and Realm Swift APIs are not interoperable and using them together is not supported.

In practice, this can only happen the first time a Realm instance is created on a given thread.

Subsequent accesses to a Realm from the same thread will reuse a cached instance and will always succeed.

Please browse our tv OS examples for sample tv OS apps demonstrating how to use Realm as either an offline cache or with preloaded data.

However, be sure to comply with App Store guidelines, keeping your app under 200MB.In practice, your application works with any kind of Realm the same way, although opening a synchronized Realm requires a user that’s been authenticated to the Object Server and that’s authorized to open that Realm.While your application continues working with a synchronized Realm, the data in that Realm might be updated by any device with write access to that Realm.Since the auxiliary files can sometimes be lazily created and deleted mid-operation, we recommend that you apply the file protection attributes to the parent folder containing these Realm files.This will ensure the attribute is properly applied to all of the relevant Realm files, regardless of their creation time. A synchronized Realm uses the Realm Object Server to transparently synchronize its contents with other devices.

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