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"Most people would have said, ' This isn't funny—put a chain on that thing!

' But Matt stays in," Crowe told me, explaining why that first, unexpected take is the one he used in the final film.

Standing in front of a 90,000-gallon tank containing Gus, the zoo's half-ton polar bear, Matt describes borrowing a bike from his elder brother, Kyle, and discovering (when he couldn't reach the pedals) that Kyle has much longer legs.

"We realized if you took his lower body and my upper body, we'd be, like, six foot three," Matt tells his dad, who readily concedes that Matt is long of torso. "I don't even have a neck." At which point, Matt nods and says simply, "It's true." If you measured the smirks on their faces, I swear they'd be precisely the same size.—and most recently has cast him as Liberace's lover in an HBO biopic slated to shoot later this year.

He has thrown his full weight (and his money) behind a charity,, that seeks to provide sources of clean water to the Third World.

Over the years, he has spoken up about public-school teachers (he supports them), the middle class (he thinks they're getting the shaft), and President Obama (he feels he's not delivering on his promise).

When Damon the younger pulls out a credit card to gain us entry to what we will all agree must be the smallest zoo on earth, Damon the elder (his name is Kent) observes wryly, "This is the first time the son buys the father a ticket to the zoo.

As minutes pass, however, and I don't spot him anywhere, a thought looms: This is Jason Bourne I'm hunting—the master of evasion. Stepping into the open, I sort of wave my notebook like a journalistic homing beacon, and suddenly there he is, all smiles. He's in jeans, a gray waffle-y long-sleeve T-shirt, and what look to be brand-new black Puma sneakers.

"Matt's fans relate to him as an older brother or a member of the family.

And that's how he relates to them," Crowe says, recalling how during the shoot of their new movie, The Boston native, who now calls New York home, can be reticent in interviews, reluctant to reveal too much or get too personal.

At the White House Correspondents' dinner this year, Obama responded directly, saying, "Matt Damon said he was disappointed in my performance.

Well, Matt, I just saw Damon tells me he didn't see that speech live but got thirty e-mails from friends the next morning and watched the president's remarks online.

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