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Later they did much to elucidate the properties of radium and its transformation products.Their work in this era formed the basis for much of the subsequent research in nuclear physics and chemistry. Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming was a Scottish-American astronomer (née Stevens) who pioneered in the classification of stellar spectra and the first to discover stars called “white dwarfs.” She emigrated to Boston at age 21. Edward Pickering, director of the Harvard Observatory first employed Fleming as a maid, but in 1881 hired her to do clerical work and some mathematical calculations at the Observatory. After devising her system of classifying stars by their spectra, she cataloged over 10,000 stars within the next nine years.He wrote books on the disorders of the internal capsule and textbooks on diseases of the nervous system. British zoologist whose interests embraced comparative anatomy, protozoology, parasitology, embryology and anthropology.He was one of the first to describe protozoan parasites found in the blood of vertebrates.Based on his investigation into the comparative anatomy of the embryology of invertebrates, Lankester endorsed Darwin's theory of evolution, In anthrolopology, his activities included the discovery of flint implements, evidence of early man, in Pliocene sediments, Suffolk.He was Director of the British Museum of Natural History (1898-1907).« American geologist who coined the term isostasy for his explanation that continents rise higher on the Earth's surface by virtue of their less dense crustal rock; ocean basins are denser material.

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Interested in psychiatry, traditionally he studied anatomy initially and neuropathology later.The location was known to the local population, had been visited by several westerners since the 16th century, but it was Mouhot's evocative accounts and detailed sketches that popularized the Angkor series of sites with the western public.He drew the attention of western scholars to the many ancient terraces, pools, moated cities, palaces and temples as important archaeological sites.His books were published posthumously as he died in Laos at the young age of 35 from malarial fever on his fourth jungle expedition.« Johann Joseph Loschmidt was an Austrian chemist and physicist who was the first to propose (1861) some kind of cyclic structure for benzene and many aromatic hydrocarbons.(Four years later, Kekulé devised the correct ring structure, for which his name is remembered while Loschmidt's contribution is overlooked.) He deduced the size of air molecules to be around one nanometer, with two approaches: relating the size of gas molecules to the distance travelled between collisions, and considering the packed volume of molecules in a cold liquid.

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