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Everyone does this mental analysis: observe a quality, decide how much it matters, put it into context.

Some might value physical attraction more, others personality. Finding a long-term partner who’s right for you is all about taking observational data and mutually making sense of it to a positive end.

I was Modern dating is a little bit of everything: meeting new men at events or around town, rediscovering old flames with poor timing, swiping on apps, extending your friend circle to see what sparks might lie on the outskirts. I met a real estate broker for drinks but had much more fun meeting my friends tipsy afterward.

I went out a couple of times with a sarcastic, interesting law student, but our dates felt more like therapy sessions, still swimming in the immediate aftermath of breakup emotions.

Let me assign some context here: I’d handed over the first draft of my new dating and relationship guide book to my editor at the end of January 2017, having sworn off men during the six months it had taken to research and write it.

In the two months that followed, I found myself experiencing an "emotional hangover" of sorts, still coming off the high of analyzing others’ love lives in great detail. His voice had a touch of Southern twang, and his humor a touch of quirk; he easily bantered with my friends and asked me about my work.

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"We’ll see if the final rankings tell you anything." My friend did the calculation for a weighted total score, and surprisingly, the numbers, out to three decimal places, seemed appropriate in gauging overall potential.At home I have a Rolodex from the '80s that I stole from an old office job, and the cover page is labeled "PEOPLE AND PLACES FROM MY 20s." It's not exactly a diary, but I do have to hide it when people come over. Now here's another notable entry in the annals of anal-retentive dating: has leaked an Excel spreadsheet of potential romantic prospects made by a man who, unsurprisingly, works in "financial services." The entries on the sheet include a drop-down bar for age (e.g.18-30), a very detailed list of which party instigated communication and when, initial thoughts ("mixed bag of pictures, but great bod") and current date status.The more data you collect, the more people you date, the clearer the picture of your wants and needs become.But data without analysis is just a pile of numbers.

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