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Major concern with any data entry form is Add, Edit, Delete and View. It covers most of the basic reports for which you do not need any reporting component like Crystal Report, Report Viewer etc.

Set the Data Key Names property of Grid View to Primary Key Column of Data Base i.e. This property binds the database column field value to each row of gridview as a Unique Identifier.I have gone far enough to figure out the problem is caused by the Checkbox field.The checkbox works and passes the correct true/false value to the datasource but will not bind after update When I Make it readonly and remove that value from my Stored Procedure the Gridview control works normal. Usually when you have a Gridview than can be edited you click the edit button and all the editable fields become Textboxes and the Checkbox is Enabled.Assumptions- We are using SQL Server Express editions as Database.Table Name- Employees Fields- Emp Id, Emp Name, Designation Take Grid View control on page and set the ID property to dg Employees.

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