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From the north-eastern to the north-western quadrants of Newtown, Carr Street connects the Brickfields and Kazerne with the Milling Precinct, home to the old Premier Milling complex on Quinn Street.

To the south of the square is the historic Electric and Workers Precinct containing the Workers Compound, Turbine Hall, the Electric Workshop, Sci Bono centre and the South African Breweries Museum.

In 1904 this ‘new town’ was redesigned as a commercial and industrial area to maximise the nearby goods-yards.

In the plans for Newtown the strict grid pattern of the CBD has been adopted.

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Jill Gildea has announced the appointment of GHS Cantor House Administrator Mr.

The destruction of Brickfields and subsequent development of Newtown was an attempt by the post-South African War administration of Lord Milner to refashion Johannesburg along ‘modern’ lines.

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Learn how to participate and check out the programming being offered below.It is only since the late 1970s that Newtown gained a reputation as Johannesburg’s main venue for alternative theatre – and only since the turn of the millennium that it has come to be developed as an integrated cultural precinct.Newtown, of course, had predecessors in the numerous districts scattered across Johannesburg that were once at the centre of the city’s arts and entertainment.Under his administration electrical tramways were introduced to replace horse-drawn trams.Curtis also played a prominent role serving on the Johannesburg Insanitary Area Improvement Scheme Commission and was a proponent of the clearance of Brickfields in favour of the redevelopment and industrialisation of Newtown.

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