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When it comes to dating in the 21st century, you need to be smart.

With all of the apps, websites and new forms of communication in the world, finding “the one” is more complicated than ever (and it’s not getting any easier).

Nearly 2 years of experience with this machine has taught me that if I don't get the head unit replaced, it's 100% going to give me a violation. (Which, yes I had to pay to clear the code.) So last month between servicing appointments, I stopped at the shop at told them my analysis time was getting really long and I would like to have the head unit replaced. They insist I must have used mouth wash, which I did not. After an hour on the phone, mostly waiting, I was told to find a credit card and the situation would be reviewed in the next 3 days! It only took a few hours for an email to say that I have been reimbursed as a COURTESY to my Smart Start account.

It cost every time you take it back even if it was not your fault. Last month, I noticed that the time it was taking to analyze my breaths were getting longer and longer again. If they say I have to keep this in for another 4 months minimum... About 5 minutes later, on my way to the service station, the same thing!

Since I've been staying on top of the way my machine behaves (also not drinking, eating, no cologne, etc...) I "KNEW" I was good for a Jan 24, 2018 removal and haven't had any cost-incurring malfunctions in over 10 months. Their customer service is awful as I’ve never had less than a 1 hour wait on the phone to talk to somebody and then when I do they are not helpful at all.

Live in Texas South and the machine still has to warm up. I have paid them 1200 and still don't have it off yet. They need to do something about where is the money going. No violations for a minimum of 4 months in order to get it removed. I have read numerous reviews stating the same problems. Just before time for recalibration does it again since installed. Then I get charged 60 dollars every time this happens because I’m in violation for a power issue and they make me take time off work to come and get it reset.

I had to take it back three times in one month and the month is not over yet. If no alcohol is present why can't they give you a code to release it, instead of having to take it back to be service. If something goes wrong with their system, their go-to excuse is "probably a battery or charging system problem in the car." I've had numerous false positives and "WARN"s, unit not recognizing the car is on, longer and longer analyzing times, last winter it would take over 60 seconds for the screen to even come on when the key was in the "on" position. I will be going there tomorrow to see what they tell me, considering I requested a new head unit FOR this very reason, AND have video of the entire fiasco. The Smart Start device is causing my family to not make a living by false violations. However, an hour later I try to start it and it says violation, makes me wait two minutes and then passes.

Automotive instincts Crest Hill - I’ve read all these horror stories and had a malfunction yesterday and freaked out. Like I said faulty machines as well depends on it you being free. The first time it read service lock and a week later it violated me. They said there is a problem with the devices because it is so cold.

Next day, I just happen to check the balance on the prepaid card since they told me it was declined and wouldn't you know, it's missing . The instant I start blowing as directed it immediately alarms and says blow longer. Thank God I wasn't out of town since I do travel a lot. Whenever the installer sees fit to respond to my multiple texts... The company doesn't care about speedy service and getting to the bottom of sensitive issues when they say they will call you back they don't, they don't put pertinent information in your file so that when you speak to a different person it's all there in black and white. they make hand over fist for doing absolutely nothing, the customer service representatives hate you and themselves and it shows.

I call Smart Start and tell them and immediately I'm treated like a convict (which I'm not aside from DUI). With paying 50.00 extra $ when a violation isn't even your fault. So far, not at all happy with the device or service. The people at my local 76 station, however, are merely the vendors they have to install and remove the devices and maintain the compliance, as the company is based on the East Coast.

They tell me that I need to provide them with a bank statement. Then they make one up the n.m so you don't get reimbursed. dates if it's in the days of that month you should be able to do it when you have many. I have multiple video of me blowing normal and it constantly saying abort pump, tampered device, violation lockout... Most people won't take the time to review a good experience, A lot of the negative reviews seem to be from individuals directing anger over their situation towards this company. So if you have a VIOL or a lockout, they don't care about why, or if there is a question or an issue you have to call and talk to the miserable desk people who literally must just get yelled at and put people on hold all day long.

I tell them I don't have a statement because it's a brand new prepaid card. I have to pawn something in the middle of the month just to pay and cost 50$ more. I have had the device for one month and now need the 3rd service done on it too in which the device is at fault for malfunctioning. I was given some flexibility in scheduling appointments for calibration. All the vendor does is ask you for , they reset your device and send you on your way...

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