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I wish I had her money and her freedom, but I don't hate her at all. If I just see her on a talk show, I change the channel as fast as I can. I hate that she's always touching/pushing her damn hair out of the way. The WM needs to ban each and every Brangeloonie they are nothing but trouble and trolls on the internet, and outside of their teeny tiny community they are universally reviled.[quote]The first is the idea that the corporate suits who run Aveeno think I am going to buy into their notion that Aniston sets some kind of standard for natural beauty.

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Perhaps I wouldn't be so harsh with my criticism if she wasn't smiling in that commercial with an air of smug condescension that is usually associated with The Queen of Blooming England, and delivering her lines with less conviction than her barely there acting ability can compensate for. I think she could've been huge bitch, but she just commented saying that what Brad did was "uncool".

She needs to take a risk, and bring herself down a peg, so people relate to her again. At least she had something interesting to say when she was on Carson. Funny that you don't remember her portraying herself as a victim because that was the best acting Aniston ever did.

You can only buy, and re-do so many ,000,000 homes, before people start thinking its about the $, and nothing else. You don't remember her famous quote about Brad Pitt 'missing a sensitivity chip' because he dared to talk positively about his new relationship?

The last movie that I found funny and clever was Superbad. If it was only the tabloids calling her the "poor girl" who was dumped by Pitt, she sure as hell didn't say or do anything to assuage them of that notion. Jen just seems to have a big fear of anything even slightly different. I never remember hearing her complaining or bitching to the media or whatever.

Last ad I saw for a film of hers, showed her pole dancing, in her underwear. I had no feelings about her one way or another until I read a Vanity Fair interview with her.

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