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I will update this post regularly for the next 2 weeks if there is any interest shown ;)Sure why not ! Come on fellow POF's - join in and let's get together ! I believe that we need a few groups of various ages, to suit everyone. Well seeing as how im only 25 myself, i was originally aiming for something geared towards 18-30, but any age is welcome, i just might have to change the tune a little bit thats all.

So if i can get a confirmed yes from, oh say 20 people, I'll look at booking something solid.

If i can get enough interest in a POF meeting in Edmonton, I'll gladly arrange it. We have probably lost someone through being widowed or divorced, and want to start over, or at least form a companionship with someone....

Throw me a few ideas, and an idea of if you are interested. we are maybe more aware, because we have lost someone, what real loneliness is.

The decision of the Ontario Government to recognize two marriages that took place in Toronto on January 14, 2001, retroactively makes Canada the first country in the world to have a government-legitimized same-sex marriage (the Netherlands and Belgium, which legalized same-sex marriage before Canada, had their first in April 2001 and June 2003, respectively).

Same-sex marriage was originally recognized by law as a result of cases in which courts in eight out of ten of Canada's provinces, and in one of its three territories, ruled existing bans on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

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Hey there, just throwing this out there for everyone who might be interested.... There is no doubt that it is far more difficult for us to find somebody.Note that in some of these cases, some marriages were in fact legal at an earlier date (for example, an Ontario ruling held that marriages performed in January 2001 were legal when performed), but the legality was questioned.As of the given dates, the legality was authoritatively established.Until the passage of Bill C-38, the previous definition of marriage remained binding in the four jurisdictions (two provinces, two territories) where courts had not yet ruled it unconstitutional, but void in the nine jurisdictions (eight provinces, one territory) where it had been successfully challenged before the courts.Before the enactment of federal legislation recognizing same-sex marriage, therefore, the application of federal marriage law differed depending on the province or territory.

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