Furry sex chat rooms

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Feel free to check #lounge, it's chat-oriented. - We welcome ferals, quads, nonanthros, nonmorphs and their friends and fans! Instincts and playing encouraged; RP, yiff and chatting are all allowed. Tiu ĉi estas kanalo, en kiu oni povas paroli kun aliaj esperantistaj feluloj. ' | People interested in learning Esperanto are, of course, more than welcome. Ellenor in a picture: https://s32.postimg.org/lkwe9mt1h/Welcome to The Fox Pile, a place for foxies to relax, chill and snuggle 'n stuff | Foxes and fox hybrids welcome. Please stick around and idle if no response, likely everyone is afk.

/// A Channel for Gamers, Coders, or Gaming Coders!

Maybe it can be a steam/cyberpunk thing, though, I don't feel like going by the rules for some reason... Furries have a natural talent for being fucked up individuals, but the few of us who are sane (read: not as perverted)--well, we're pretty spiffy. Em, for some reason I've been hellbent on setting an anthro roleplay in London.

Still, I said I'd be open, so what were you thinking? In a nutshell, we're people who love the shit out of talking animals. Sometimes, we develop "fursonas," which are essentially furred personas of ourseleves. I've been working at the food chain concept on and off for a few years, and I'm afraid it may turn out too complicated for its own good. It's just so grimey, but player-made settings would work just as fine. Obviously, it's been a while since the idea crossed my mind, so forgive me if it comes across as a little rusty. It has five fingers on most occasions, and five toes on both feet. Like perhaps the anthros/furries were the result of some science experiment.

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