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Of course, if you’re going to ghost people, you’ve got to be able to take it too.

To help out, here’s the girl’s guide to ghosting and being ghosted in 2016.

Understand this, and you’ll be able to ride out a ghosting with your dignity intact.

Fail, and you’ll spend the next five years avoiding your former fuck buddy's friends at parties.

I feel like I lose value if I'm constantly the one texting.

Originally I was planning on waiting 7-10 days and if there was no text I would go to her room to get my shit and that would be it but now I'm reconsidering and thinking I might just text her tonight. It just seems weird to me because when she's around me she seems very into me, and she used to initiate the texts, so idk what the deal is.

A well-executed ghost will rid you of the slack-tongued moron you were only using to keep your bed warm during those cold winter months, without all the drama and bullshit that real-life breakups involve.

Plus, if you’re feeling lonely and in the mood for acapella sing-a-longs with your culturally-appropriating friend in the future, the door’s still kinda open to them – just make like you were in a car accident and you’ve spent the last couple of months recovering from an (unspecified) brain injury.

Firstly, don’t just ghost people because you owe them money and don’t want to have to pay it back. Ditto, it’s not cool to ghost someone if they’re going through a legit crisis, you’ve given them an STI, or if you’ve just persuaded them to book an expensive holiday with you.delete”) or to reach out and let them know you might have given them an STI.If you’re feeling really bitter about it still, why not send them the “hey I might have given you an STI” message on the anniversary of their dog’s death.Most of the time, you can tell when you’re about to be ghosted by someone.The signs are telltale, and they usually start in the bedroom.

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