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Or worse, you would have to ask your “penpal” to record the broadcast using a cassette tape and mail it promptly to you.When you receive the package weeks later, only then do you realize that he recorded the broadcast for the wrong game.The program talks about the latest findings in chemistry, physics, biology and astronomy.The title, translated as “on the shoulders of giants,” comes from a famous line written by Sir Isaac Newton as a homage to the thinkers who went before him.Today, RNE has come a long way and is now composed of 6 channels including one dedicated to classical music, another to youth-oriented programs and still another broadcasted in the Catalan language.

Serrano talks about football (soccer) a lot (and I mean a lot! He can deconstruct a brilliant, complex play and make you appreciate it on a different level.

In fact, you could be anywhere in the world, sipping any drink, and still get that kind of .

And then you fall on your face, spilling your coffee because you leaned too far. Except that you don’t have to go to Madrid in the first place.

That while you’re busy clicking the “Like” button on Facebook, you can also listen to a radio broadcast that a Spanish teenager living in downtown Barcelona is also listening to. You may not be munching on the same they’re snacking on, but you can hardly be more authentic than that.

Listening to Spanish radio is a whole lot different than listening to a language class being taught or an audio sample from a language course. But just as how they speak on “Sesame Street” is not the same as how they actually speak on Main Street, Spanish talk radio is a whole lot different.

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