Fear of rejection dating psychology

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Rejected children are likely to have lower self-esteem, and to be at greater risk for internalizing problems like depression.Some rejected children display externalizing behavior and show aggression rather than depression.Children classified as neglected receive few nominations of either type.Bierman states that well-liked children show social savvy and know when and how to join play groups.Peer rejection has been measured using sociometry and other rating methods.Studies typically show that some children are popular, receiving generally high ratings, many children are in the middle, with moderate ratings, and a minority of children are rejected, showing generally low ratings.The research is largely correlational, but there is evidence of reciprocal effects.This means that children with problems are more likely to be rejected, and this rejection then leads to even greater problems for them.

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According to Maslow, all humans, even introverts, need to be able to give and receive affection to be psychologically healthy.In this view, self-esteem is a sociometer which activates negative emotions when signs of exclusion appear.Social psychological research confirms the motivational basis of the need for acceptance.The experience of being rejected is subjective for the recipient, and it can be perceived when it is not actually present.The word ostracism is often used for the process (in Ancient Greece ostracism was voting into temporary exile).

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