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I am a member of the Board of Allied Health Professions in Massachusetts.

For the past eight years, we have been offering the “Ten Easy Ways to Lose Your License” program in Massachusetts.

For the last four years, we have been a standing program at the Massachusetts chapter level.

We get invited to the smaller district meetings as well and lately, hospitals and facilities have been inviting us out to do this as an educational program for them as part of their in service education.

We have also found some changing of treatment dates. Someone may call for medical records and see that there is a different handwriting or a different color pen or something is squeezed in between the lines. They were using the wrong codes for the wrong things and said things such as “What do you mean I cannot do a hot pack and cold pack and electric modality?

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Also, if they do have an insurance fees schedule, we will find them coding for a different reimbursement.

We go through entrance requirements for them to qualify for this program and tell anecdotal stories about drinking that is not appropriate on the job.

Professional discipline Lately there has been an increase in creating false records for patients who do not exist as well as creating false billing.

We travel with our full board, our legal counsel, our administrators and our investigators.

Somewhere in the middle of the day we will put on an hour or hour and half program on the “Ten Easy Ways to Lose Your License.” This is a program that can be done by one person or the whole board.

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