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The report provides good answers to some questions but in doing so it gives rise to many more.For example, the survey asked people if they "know someone who uses online dating" and "know someone who has entered a long-term relationship via online dating".The flat usage data for the older millennials is intriguing.It's tempting to speculate that people in this age group are less likely to be looking for companionship online because they are more likely to be entering into long-term relationships than those in the other age groups.Check back in eight years and we'll see whether online dating works as advertised."scientists getting information from each other on the ARPANET.Then came the World Wide Web and everything changed. The graph compares survey data gathered by Pew in June and July of 2015 with data Pew gathered from a similar survey conducted in 2013.It started with a small group of scientists and now it's . Of course, some of the increases for particular age groups may in fact be larger than they appear in the graph for the same reason.   Collapsing across all age groups, online dating has increased by approximately 36% in only two years.

Their younger siblings, members of their age cohort, their parents and their grandparents could all answer "yes" to one or both of the survey questions based on knowing this one couple.About two years ago I arranged to meet for coffee with a woman I had corresponded with online.I arrived early and sat at a table in a conspicuous spot.Several online dating services  promote the idea that you are more likely to find a well-matched partner online because you have a wider pool of people to choose from and the service's analytics filter the pool to find those who best fit your personality. If that's the case, we might expect to see millennials enjoying a lower divorce rate and a higher incidence of successful marriages than either their parents or grandparents.Divorce statistics may help in answering this question.

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