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DJ Fuji is a former Mehow Inc instructor, who now operates his own pickup company, the Tao of DJ Fuji.

He is known for successfully helping virgins and other hard cases expand their options with women, as well as dealing with the challenges of being an Asian pick up artist.

So to get to where I am at, it took me two and a half years and performing all the tasks above. I have taught over 30 guys over the course of the last 8 months, I have winged with over 200 guys over the course of two and half years, and I have followed other instructors students over this time span.

I would say I am pretty happy with my current skill level and results.

Look at RSD Tyler, Mystery, Neil, DJ Fuji, Psych, and any other coach who ever spoke at a dating summit, do you think any of them got good going out a few times a month?

Over 4 years, my weight went from 170 to 200 pounds. How can you expect to get good if you don’t even show up for practice. Take a look at all the other PUA coaches in the industry.

There are specific issues that Asian-American men face in a multi-racial dating arena that regular pickup schools ignore or are unable to speak to authoritatively and ABCs targets that niche.

Like any sort of life skill, it is iterative - there is no magic pill that can transform you from one reality to the next. I've seen it get results for their clients and I like the way they break down the attraction/buying temperature aspects as well as blunt feedback in the bootcamps I've witnessed. If you think of it in terms of athletic coaching, I would view ABCs of Attraction as a "fat loss" type place where you go from zero to "not sucking." A very important and valuable niche.

But if you’re not amazing in the looks department and you’re not already witty and super funny… Its something you commit to for many months if not years. You want to start smashing 10’s every other week by going out once a month? You’re reading too many e-books with marketing bullshit.

and you want to get results faster than me, well you better put in way more work. Better start making some lifestyle changes like hanging out with your friends between Sunday – Thursday and dedicate your Friday and Saturday nights for sarging and approaching.

Even with guys who pay me and even with me yelling at them and riding on their ass to go out every weekend, still 75% are not consistent.

Assuming you started out where I am, it would not be unreasonable to assume you would have to put in roughly the same level of work. Only a SMALL FRACTION go out every week and that is the bare minimum.

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