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My current method of software deployment is using System Center Configuration Manager Version: 4.00.6221.1000 My shop is setup to prestage software packages to branch distribution points to be installed on a demand, or advertised basis.Due to bandwidth concerns and throttling during the daytime, we only push the software packages to the distribution points After office hours.I haven't seen a way to do this, but I wanted to confirm: Is it possible to SCHEDULE Updating or Managing Distribution Points for a package on a Branch Distribution Point?I can advertise any installation to my client machines as one would expect however, I don't see why Microsoft wouldn't include a way to advertise the distribution of the software to a distribution point as well if I wished.In the first part of this blog series on how to deploy Windows 10 with SCCM, we will prepare our environment for Windows 10.If you’re already deploying other operating systems with SCCM 1511, adding Windows 10 is just a matter of adding a new WIM (which our post covers in part 4).[su_box title=”Important” style=”glass” title_color=”#F0F0F0″]You’ll see both Operating System Images and Operating System Upgrade Packages. Wim from the Windows 10 media for a “vanilla” Windows 10 deployment.

Note: Redistribute of the application to the Distribution Points will not update the content changes you made.

Do not add all your NIC drivers to your boot image, it’s overkill and unnecessary increase the size of the boot image. In the case of a vanilla deployment or after a build and capture, you use Operating System Images to import the WIM files.

To add drivers to the boot image : We will now import the Windows 10 WIM file for Windows 10 deployment. In an Upgrade task Sequence, you will need to have the Full media imported in Operating System Upgrade Packages.[/su_box] We will start by importing the default Install.

To create a Windows 10 Software Update Group : Founder of System Center Dudes.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Senior Microsoft SCCM Consultant, 4 times Enterprise Mobility MVP. His specialization is designing, deploying and configuring SCCM, mass deployment of Windows operating systems, Office 365 and Intunes deployments.

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