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The differences create misunderstandings between the parents and their children — hence the disapproval from many of shanyhai children advertised at the Marriage Market.

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Havey brings a spontaneous energy to his episodes - he once threw a dart at a world map and traveled to South Africa 7 days later.But after the conversation, Limin said his personality was less than desirable. Then again, this is only her first time at the Marriage Market. Dela Cruz was on a school trip with his classmates when his instructor decided to surprise the students with a trip to the Marriage Market.On the way to the park, Dela Cruz asked his instructor how the Chinese court, which led to the instructor spilling the beans on the surprise.And as she looked, some parents, who were looking for a partner for their son, approached Limin.Limin is looking for someone born inholds a bachelor degree, a stable career, and also, he must have an apartment in Shanghai.

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