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Sex with Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Jihyo tends to release this feeling inside of her, especially as Jeong and Nayeon always take charge with her, and Jihyo herself is a master at talking dirty.

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Ever since Heart Shaker promotions, Mina has been worshipping Jihyo’s toned navel with peppered kisses and licks.Despite being polar opposites in dating styles, Nayeon gels really well with Jihyo’s dominant style especially since the bondage accentuates her roughness.Dom/Sub Sex is generally a push and pull concept, with lots of differing shifts determining who leads, something that seems to be lost on Jeongyeon.When she fingers Tzuyu, she usually pokes her bellybutton to get her off and with Momo they tend to just ride each others abs to completion.A surefire way to make Mina cum tends to be trailing an ice cube across her navel whilst biting and breathing softly onto her wet tummy.

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