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Don’t you just hate it when your man calls out another woman’s name when y’all are doin’ the do? He’s used to your demeanor, how you like to dress, etc. If you were already dying your hair red when he met you, keep doing that throughout the relationship in order to avoid situations like this. If your hair was long the whole time, don’t suddenly cut it short and risk reminding him of that secretary at his job he fantasizes about tapping every chance he gets. If one of them changes up on you, hold off on the sex until you can draw up a new chart.

This is one of the main reasons why I say that sex isn’t expected on the fourth date.

This means that you can take a chick out three times during the week and still hit it on Saturday, just the way you planned it.

It’s not like you only see her ON Saturdays, which would mean that it would take you an entire month to get on.

My perspective is: I would not say that my girlfriend have a Mensa level IQ, but she had enough common sense and emotional maturity (most of the time) to temperate my “out of the world” Star Wars like ideas and outbursts.

I am with her because of her emotions and feelings towards me and because she is supporting me.

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