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While you might have more in common with someone who is also 60 or more, don't count out the chance for love just because a potential partner is a decade -- or more -- younger than you.

Keep an open mind and look for someone with whom you can truly connect.

While you still have plenty of time to explore, dating after 60 may mean having to accept your partner's existing interests.

Finding an appropriate place to meet a potential partner may not seem as simple as it was when you were younger.Another option is to ask friends or family members to fix you up with someone who they think would suit you.If you're more adventurous, go on a group tour, trip or cruise to find someone who enjoys the same things that you do.An advantage to dating in this new world is that now you can make a romantic connection without leaving your house.Online dating can open up a world of options, allowing you to browse and choose from dates who match your specific requirements, needs and interests.

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