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Speaking of whom, did you notice, on the Le Hibou list, Jack and Jorma playing as a duo in '68? And maybe in Three's A Crowd, if the second version played the club.) Also, I wonder if John Hammond's visits to Ottawa were part of a 'tour' that led him through Toronto too, maybe even the time he first saw our guys play? The "all my friends are dead" album cover is hilarious.

Afterwards Ackroyd formed James and the Good Brothers, who did the Festival Express tour with our guys and recorded a wonderful LP with members of the Dead and the Airplane. (Flying Circus was his band - an outgrowth of the Mynah Birds, of all things, and Olivus was too. And Heavenly Blue - in which group he and Amos Garrett seem to have taken turns being the guitarist.

What GB dreams are made of That would be one Ramble I would pay a premium for..

Don't know if he's still there, but the big boss at CHUM was Duff Roman, notable his for his having been the first to record our guys post-Hawkins.

I really enjoy his music, but I can also see why some people wouldn't. I worked with a singer in the 90's and recall a letter she recieved related to a cd she had released which stated simply.....x number of units sold equal Juno recognition/placement number 7 or 10...... Thanks for putting up the link to that, Charlie "Joe Goebbels" Daniels tune, I've never heard it, guess I don't listen to the right network.

Trout Mask Replica- Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band 11. Subject: Bon Iver I posted about Bon Iver a bit back. Web: My link Subject: Dlew919 / Steve Dlew919 : Amen, wise sentence, thanks Steve : nothing important you missed, excepted the links in my posts, Im sure youre updated that for the innocents ones, relatives and friends, who ever trusted in hollow promises of justice, all what 8 years of mess led to, is a footwear double-miss and an army with no face 10x stronger and better structured than ever, the only army in history who can strike innocents anywhere and anytime in the world, more exactly where and when it hurts the more Footnote : all links, though not being part of The Band website, are integral part of my posts, and strongly The Band Connected Subject: Airports Juno Awards: Sales matter and have a direct linkage to nominations.

Web: My link With all due respect to the talented Ronnie Lane, I'd say that he was the third-best singer in the (Small) Faces, with number one being Steve Marriot.

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He said the song was written in a hotel room the day he left the last camp, over a bottle of bourbon with tears running down his face. As embarassing as Nickleback are I do like Sam Roberts. To add to your misery (and mine), has CHUM changed their format? Maybe Robbie likes that album because it is a "woodshedding" album? Anyways, I shall be catching Bon Iver at the sasquatch music festival. In categories that are not mainsteam, I would imagine that voting would largely be based on sales...- but as simple as that most likely...... Actually if you just swap some of the terms this could have been inked by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Location: Montreal Bill, many condolences over your spiritual de-pantsing at the Junos Sunday.I know I'm a Dankette, and prefer not to deal with some of Rick's "issues", but I really don't know what her problem is. Comedy records were very popular around then Bob Newhart was Warner Brother's biggest early success after The Everly Brothers, and right after him you get Allan Sherman, so that early WB looks like comedy central.No problem with your posting it Norbert, I guess I may be "over protective' By the way, back to the Robin story, We had some folks we knew from Eindhoven, Small world indeed. In the UK, Benny Hill, Peter Sellers, Mike Sarne etc all had comedy hits.

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