Dating tips for visually impaired

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I'm friendly but I feel as if sighted males might not know how to approach a blind person. I'm currently dating someone with a visual disability.

It prevents him from being able to drive, among other things.

yes but sometimes it is hard to take all the double takes when someone first meets me.

people have to leatn to get over themselves too- we all have something about us - but not always a visual problem .

If they are impaired themselves they might be more understanding of the issue and tolerant.

so far, after marriage kids and divorce i have not found a man who does not mind it ...

The man who said it would b impossible to make eye contact even, as long as they were kind and considerate.

I have dated a couple of VI/blind men and all I got were crazy rageaholics If u happen to b in the Dallas, tx area, yet! Can you see the wind blow~ Can you hear the wind approaching~ The sound I hear... Storms of nature, swift and powerful, as the storms we all face around and within.

For me I believe I am less of because I can't see so when it comes to asking someone out I don't feel confident so how can I ask others to look past my impairment when I can't.

However, I keep meeting people by not allowing the lack of direct eye contact to get in the way.

I just try to speak to a stranger everyday by making small talk. Keep me informed, Danny Do any of you feel with complete vision loss feel as if it is intimidating for for someone to approach you?

I am completly blind and almost always with a sighted guide in public.

Since I've finished school, I feel like people may feel hesitant to approach me if I'm with my mom or sister.

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