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Le Tour and Super Le Tour models sometimes began with an S followed by the Japan In the 1980s, the S began appearing in other models as well Passage, Prelude.

Japan Made numbering system: Letter is the month, number in the first or second position is the year.

New numbering system: First letter month; second letter year.

The serial number was moved from the left rear dropout to the headtube between 19.

But you can also look for the serial number to identify an authentic Schwinn bike. Schwinns are best known for the arched bar in the middle of the frame, also called the balloon frame. Some Schwinns follow other popular design models such as 10-speed or mountain bikes. That is why Schwinns are also called beach cruisers. The seats on Schwinn beach cruisers can be approximately 10 to 12 inches wide. Look for the serial number on the lower head tube (right above the wheel on the front of the bike) for Schwinns produced between 19.

The serial number will also indicate when it was made, which can help you estimate the value of the particular Schwinn bike. Those produced after these dates will usually have a serial number stamped on the bottom bracket shell (the rear axle hanger holding the wheel in place). Identify Schwinns produced before 1948 by looking for either of these serial numbers: B12818 or Z12993. Interpret the serial numbers of bikes produced between 19.

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Schwinn bicycles are easy to identify by the Schwinn logo displayed on the bike. Balloon tires are bigger in diameter and can be wider than most other bicycle wheels and are made to go over sand. The balloon frames will have a wide seat that is meant to accomodate most of the average bottom size. Schwinns produced between 19 have serial numbers on the right rear axle mount (this mount keeps the wheel in place).Schwinn, however, does not have a huge classic bike index to compare older models with.On e Bay, look closely at bikes that have a clear number of the serial number so that it will increase the likelihood that you are using an authentic Schwinn as a comparison to the bike you are interested in. Ask us your questions or meetup with other redditors in your area for local rides. We welcome bicyclists of all skill levels including those who don't yet own a bike.

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