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It focuses mainly on the mundane parts of the life of Wonderella, a lazy Ladette superheroine who demonstrates little interest in being a hero...or, in fact, doing anything much outside of partying, getting completely wasted, violence, and shopping.

She is super-strong, super-durable, she can't fly but she can "totally jump hella high", when tied up she can hork up a giant octopus, she can tell plants to die, and she can curl up in a perfect ball when traumatized.

Eventually drummer Jerry Mercer (formerly of the Canadian band Mashmakhan) and guitarist Gary Moffet were chosen, and together they finished recording the band's third album entitled Electric Jewels, which contained songs such as "Weeping Widow," "Just Like That" and "Lady Run, Lady Hide." These songs would remain in April Wine's concert set lists for many years.In support of this album, the band embarked on the Electric Adventure Tour which featured a massive lighting and pyrotechnic show.In mid-1977, April Wine was booked to play a charity concert at the famed El Mocambo Club in Toronto, Ontario.She also has a rarely-used invisible blimp, and the tendency to make prejudiced remarks (especially about gay men, but pretty much every minority group gets a turn).From September 9, 2006, to August 28, 2016, the comic usually updated on Saturdays, and was accompanied by a message from the writer.

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