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Our marriage agency in Odessa, owned by Ukrainian, which is better because anyone but local person can fully understand Ukrainian ladies, help to get around here and be familiar with local culture and mentality.

You see only real ladies from Odessa whose documents are checked by our staff.

Women in Ukraine are brought up in a manner of appreciating family values and one may say little conservative comparing to Western women.

Odessa women are feminine, preety, many of them having good education and they want serious family relations.

Texting was another biggie, with 97 percent of us sending lovey-dovey messages to our beaus and 89 percent of them returning the gesture. Twitter wasn’t popular in the study, with only 43 percent of us and 39 percent of dudes admitting to using the microblogging site to express our affections.

It turns out, a new study says that these days sending a text or a tweet to the guy you dig works better than writing out a love letter!

Only six percent of gals and four percent guys admit to still sending love letters–we’re talking pen, paper, perfume, pink stationery type love letters.

But it’s definitely a good insight to how to write love letters to the dude you’re into–keep them brief and keep them electronic!

will help you to find Ukraine woman of your dreams.

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