Dating hay budden anvil

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I made 2 half hearted attempts to haggle, just so he wouldn't feel like his price was too low, then paid him and got him to throw a shop vac in with the deal.I searched on PM briefly to find a previous discussion about anvils, enough to tell me that was OK regardless of the quality or condition. Nice guy, still had a real strong handshake, and remembered seeing my photo in the local paper over 10 years ago - I hope I'm doing that well at 90! it has a handle attached to a 8" gear attached to a shaft that turns a wooden pulley that runs a leather strap that turns the blower. It has some mounting holes that may have been for a hood of some sort.Never hit the face directly with a hammer, may chip it. The smithing shop I worked at called that tool a "murder" because if you took a swing and caught that wedge with your wrist, your smithing days were as good as dead. All precautions apply when desecrating a high-pressure cannister of course. Well-intentioned acts like that can instantly screw up a great anvil.

Paragon Solid Steel Anvils were made in weights from 50 pounds to 450 pounds. Says the hearth is 18 inches , fan is 8 inches, weight is 75 pounds. The forge was equipped with a small shield to protect the fire from the wind.Ill publish your letter in Blacksmiths Gazette and see if anyone else can come up with more information.Fred Holder" Comes from this link: for the length of the quote.FWIW, and I don't know for certain that that is anything, a high school teacher (during the school year, construction business on the week ends and summer, but known for his incredible leather and wood work) once said that the log that the anvil sits atop should be at least 3/4 burried, white oak or other rot resistant preferred.So with an 8 foot log, you have a 2 foot stump for the anvil. Suppose it depends some on how heavy an anvil you have, and how hard you are hammering.

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