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You'll likely discover the relationship, while beautiful in its own right, was highly circumstantial and better left as a sweet memory than attempting to translate it into a drastically new situation far from the roots that fostered its initial growth.

If you don't have real intentions of turning your fling into a long-term relationship, then it's better to leave off as good friends when you separate.

Remember, we're all human, so try not to marvel too much at his accent, the “weird” food she likes, the different words he uses, or the color of her skin or hair.

If you put too much emphasis on your cultural, linguistic, or physical This is might be cynical, but if you're a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl living in Kenya or China, the reality is that your beau is probably thinking it's pretty darn cool that he's snagged a foreigner to parade with him around town.

Likewise, it can be just as easy to fall for a friend and not bother to continue to develop a separate social life.

Make sure you have a distinct social circle so if things go south, you aren't alone and having to make a tough choice between all of your new friends or your former love interest.

You wouldn't want someone to use you just for English practice, so think about how you would feel if it was the other way around.

Especially at the beginning of an overseas adventure, it can be easy to make a new fling your everything immediately.In many countries, it improves a person's social status to be seen with a foreigner, so don't eliminate the possibility that your exotic looks, accent, and nationality play a role in your relationship to some extent.It can be tempting to have a native boyfriend or girlfriend so you have someone to show you around town and teach you the local language, but in the end it's just not nice.This is also highly cynical (yet comes from first-hand experience), but if you were working for a year in a rural Namibian village and fell madly in love with a local from a nearby town, it was more than likely the result of the isolation and foreignness of the place providing you with a limited selection of people to become close to.Therefore, the relationship you developed was a product unique to that experience, which realistically might not translate well into your life beyond that particular place and time.

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