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Due to the dominant role of the husband in Sudanese culture due to religious beliefs and culture, in a study published in the American Journal of Public Health states that 96% of Sudanese women use the “natural method” or no birth control, and only 51% felt a wife must consent to sex.This lack of control over reproductive practices in such an economically and politically unstable country is incredibly counter-productive to the furthering of women in society, and can even be dangerous.The education life expectancy of a woman in Sudan 7 years, and 41% of girls have had less than 2 years of schooling.While basic education is free in Sudan, factors such as geographical proximity, out of pocket financial costs, and crippling gender roles prevent many women from gaining even a basic education.In developing countries where women are not given access to education and are legally and culturally subject to health and sexual practices determined by men, women’s health fares quite poorly.In a country where female genital mutilation is common practice and formal birth control is nearly unheard of, not only does prenatal and sexual health suffer, so does mental health.And our template is clear, a 100 percent Islamic constitution, without communism or secularism or Western (influences)…

In addition, this ubiquitous, ludicrous, and unnecessary endangerment of women’s well-being reinforces their role in Sudanese society as nothing more but future candidates for men’s spousal property.Their societal inferiority and lack of rights is directly written into their legal code and is enforced — stoning of women for offenses as small as “immodest dress” is not an uncommon act in Sudan even in our modern day.For example, while the Sudanese Criminal Code technically prohibits rape, the distinction between rape and adultery was only made in 2015, and it is written that “Consent shall not be recognized where the offender has custody or authority over the victim”.It is also a direct result of the cultural landscape created by the combination of instability and strict Islamic law.As far as childbirth goes, Sudan has the 9th highest infant mortality rate at 50.2/1000 live births as almost half of women have no safe-motherhood services.

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