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He had lived in political exile in London since the late 1960s and was married to Annabel Markova, a novelist who writes under the name Annabel Dilke.The couple had a daughter Alexandra, who was just two when her father, then aged 49, was killed.

I hope that our collaboration will help exhaust all case scenarios," he added.Mrs Markova,70, said in the documentary: “I wish, that, when people talk about it in the west, they wouldn't say ‘Oh the guy, that got stuck by an umbrella’, they'd say ‘oh the great writer’, you know.The writer was so brave, that he risked his life to tell the truth, this would be fantastic.” Mr Markov, who worked for the BBC, was standing on Waterloo Bridge when he felt a sharp pain in thigh.Counter-terrorism detectives spent two weeks in Bulgaria last month, applying to interview 40 witnesses and to access archived documents on the case - one of Britain's most famous unsolved murders which resembles the plot of a spy novel.On a September evening in London in 1978, Markov, a prize-winning Bulgarian author and BBC broadcaster who had been classified as a "non person" by the communist authorities, was waiting alongside commuters for a bus on Waterloo Bridge when he felt a stinging pain in his thigh.

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