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As you know, we have a lot of authors come to Recycle during the Farmers Market. Somebody (I won't mention his/my name) used to say that word out loud whenever we were at their house. In fact, because it's such a quick read, I am bringing him to the RBC in October.Downtown Campbell gets super bus Last year I met Rich Amooi at an RBC meeting. The dog would then run to the place where his treats were kept. And there's another scene where Ian's father calls from Florence where he is standing in from of The David, going on and on about what a magnificent piece of art it is. We've already got Sheldon Siegel coming, but that one's on a Sunday.

After a few back-and-forths, we got him scheduled to do a book signing during the Campbell Farmers Market on June 4. So I'm guessing that these are at least slightly exaggerated. As I tend to do (see my reviews of the Jennifer Skully/Bella Andre series, The Billionaire Mavericks), I love older people. Even with all of the comedy, Rich was able to force a few tears and chills from me. In fact, there was one scene where I started to laugh and then realized it was not a laughing matter. We have friends who used to have a dog that did the same thing. All of those things, in fact, have led me to ask Rich to be one of our RBC authors.Ian isn't going to give up so easily and he knows that there could be something great between them, he just needs to convince Sara to take a chance. This author always delivers funny and charming characters that you can't help but fall in love with.This was a quick read and I couldn't put it down once I started.While at the party, he is reminded about true love.Sara returns from her trip because another friend tells her she is getting married and she needs her to be there as her maid of honor.

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