Dating advert abbreviations Online sex chat like omegle

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If you find one you simply can’t interpret, try seaching online or asking a friend that you trust.When it is time to write your own ad, the most important thing you should do is to be honest.I'm Out Of Coffee HOHA HOllywood HAcker HTH Hope This (or That) Helps HUA Heads Up Ace HUGZ Hugs HUYA Head Up Your A**I 1-D-R I Wonder IAC In Any Case IAC In Any Case IAE In Any Event IAITS It's All In The Subject IANAC I Am Not A Crook IANAE I Am Not an Expert IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer IAT I Am Tired IBRB I Will Be Right Back IBT In Between Technology IBTD I Beg To Differ IC In Character ICBW I Could Be Wrong ID10T Idiot IDGAF I Don't Give A F***IDGI I Don't Get It IDK I Don't Know IDKY I Don't Know You I-D-L Ideal IDM It Does Not Matter IDST I Didn't Say That IDTS I Don't Think So IEF It's Esther's Fault IFAB I Found A Bug IFU I F***ed Up IGGP I Gotta Go Pee IGTP I Get The Point IHAIM I Have Another Instant Message IHNO I Have No Opinion IHTFP I Have Truly Found Paradise or I Hate This F***ing Place IIIO Intel Inside, Idiot Outside IIMAD If It Makes An(y) Difference IIR If I Remember or If I Recall IIRC If I Remember Correctly or If I Recall Correctly IIWM If It Were Me ILICISCOMK I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Coke On My Keyboard ILU I Love You ILY I Love You IM Instant Messaging IMHO In My Humble Opinion IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion IMO In My Opinion IMS I Am Sorry INMP It's Not My Problem INNW If Not Now, When INPO In No Particular Order IOH I'm Outta Here IOW In Other Words IRL In Real Life ISS I Said So ISTM It Seems to Me ISTR I Seem To Remember ISWYM I See What You Mean ITM In The Money IUM If You Must IYKWIM If You Know What I Mean IYKWIMAITYD If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do IYO In Your Opinion IYSS If You Say So IYSWIM If You See What I Mean J/C Just Checking J/K Just Kidding!

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Could you guys (and gals) give the definitions to these abbreviations that everyone seems to use that the newcomers don't know.

If you’re married and looking for a secret sexual partner, you can easily notate this information by writing “DL” or “NSA” in your ad.

If you’re overweight or strangely proportioned, you’ll only get into an embarrassing situation if you write “VGL” or “AT” in your description.

MOSS Member Of The Same Sex MOTAS Member Of The Appropriate Sex MOTD Message Of The Day MOTSS Members Of The Same Sex MSG Message MTBF Mean Time Between Failure MTFBWY May The Force Be With You MUBAR Messed up Beyond All Recognition MWBRL More Will Be Revealed Later MYOB Mind Your Own Business N/A Not Applicable -or- Not Affiliated N/T No Text N1 Nice One N2M Not To Mention NAK Nursing At Keyboard NALOPKT Not A Lot of People Know That N-A-Y-L In A While NAZ Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)NBD No Big Deal NBIF No Basis In Fact NCG New College Graduate N-E-1 Anyone N-E-1 ER Anyone Here?

NFI No F***ing Idea NFW No F***ing Way NG New Game NIFOC Nude In Front Of The Computer NIM No Internal Message NIMBY Not In My Back Yard NIMQ Not In My Queue NM Never Mind or Nothing Much NMP Not My Problem NOYB None Of Your Business NP No Problem NQOCD Not Quite Our Class Dear NRG Energy NRN No Reply Necessary NTK Nice To Know NTYMI Now That You Mention It NUFF Enough Said NW No Way! WYS Whatever You Say WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get WYSLPG What You See Looks Pretty Good WYT Whatever You Think WYWH Wish You Were Here X-I-10 Exciting XME Excuse Me XOXO Hugs and Kisses YA Yet Another YA yaya Yet Another Ya-Ya (as in yo-yo)YACC Yet Another Calendar Company YAFIYGI You Asked For It You Got It YCT Your Comment To YDKM You Don't Know Me YGBK You Gotta Be Kiddin'YHM You Have Mail YIC Yours In Christ YKW? YMMV Your Mileage May Vary YNK You Never Know YOYO You're On Your Own YR Yeah Right YSYD Yeah, Sure You Do YTTT You Telling The Truth?

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