Dating a resident physician Dating in asia

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You have to take a look at what standards you have in a mate.

For example, I learned quickly after re-entering the dating scene during my first year of medical school that I really valued someone with an education equal to mine.

In contrast, I know some happily married couples where one person is a physician and the other a plumber, customer service representative, or nanny.

The important thing is to be honest with yourself and the people you’re attracted to about what you’re looking for in a mate.

The same can be applied to dating a colleague in residency or as an attending physician.

The experience of being a physician is something only those who are a part of it truly understand. nurse, case worker, administrator) can be equally tricky, but theoretically there’s less chance of having what I call “professionalism burnout,” when you’re around physicians and end up only talking about hospitals and diagnoses, not being able to “let go.” Some of this is just built in with the type A personality most physicians have.

Again, there are plenty of examples of happy couples that met while in medical school. I abhor feeling like I have to prove myself all the time, but I can’t deny that I would hate to appear “stupid” in front of colleagues and co-workers, especially in a relationship.

Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you with my soapbox speech about avoiding medical professionals like the plague, let me lighten it up a little bit.

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There are still plenty of people who see doctors as a golden ticket to the land of milk and honey and see physicians as only looking for a trophy spouse to complete their collection.Jake completed his residency in general surgery; therefore, the length of his training was longer and more intense than most programs.As a female soon to graduate from medical school, how will dating become easier/harder in residency?As physicians, we spend most of our lives on a timeline to make ourselves the most marketable people in our field. She has a personal interest in trauma-informed care, particularly racially-based trauma.Jake and I were together throughout his entire residency, which was 5-years long.

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