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People have also been saying that you must be having daddy issues if you want such a relationship. They’ve also been suggesting that the person in question should go to a therapist.

That advice is not always with ill intent, but it still upsets me a bit.

They may not actually behave like that, but it can give you an idea.)Names like Princess, Kitten, Baby, Babygirl, Sweetheart, Love and others will be used regularly. I hope I didn’t say anything stupid that I seem like a know it all about a subject I don’t know anything about. There are a lot of cases of child sexual abuse, I’ve read an answer from a victim saying we’re disgusting for sexualizing what has happened to them. Child sexual abuse is horrible and we do not sexualize anything like that, including incestual relationships.

Daddies, Mommies, Masters, they are called that because of their role in the relationship, they are literally a caregiver who has a more sensible and lovable title.

Some may be trans for example and they need support they wouldn’t get from anybody else.

A caregiver’s job is to take care(as their title says) of their littles and make them happy in their own skin, satisfy their wishes. Some Cg L relationships are actually MP, which means Master Pet which is basically roleplaying, but as a lifestyle, not just for a scene, like Master Slave relationships.

They are often shamed for this and are told to act their age, so the Cg is there to make them feel good in their own skin.

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Others, maybe they just have daddy issues and need someone to take that role for them, others for example, are on the chubby side and may have been bullied or pressured by their family to lose weight.

The baby will try and play around the daddy when she gets bored.

She’ll go around, tease him, bite him then run away, imitate him in order to annoy the daddy, act big and order her daddy stuff until he goes to her or gives her the daddy stare.

In my opinion Cg L relationships are the most sensible ones out of all types of BDSM activites.

There is a deep connection and neediness that all participants have.

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