Cuban dating woman

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Cubans are very curious about the world outside and marriage to a foreigner seems to be a way out of their problems. I have my doubts that she will be back for a third time, mainly for the reasons mentioned above.Alan David: First of all, I hope you have a wonderful time. I spend 10 weeks there (in 2008), and have just returned from another 10 week trip.

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He’s convince he will survive in Canada (weather), but he has no idea. Alan David I personally find this abnormal because how can you know you want to marry someone if you don’t know yet if it clicks?

When I left at the airport he asked if I would marry him some time. Of course it’s a beautiful story and he wants me to tell the whole world about it because we both know about the bad reputation of Cubans getting married just to get out of their country.

I have my insecurities as he’s a lifeguard and I witnessed myself his lifeguard friends all having foreigners girlfriends.

Happy and content people do not usually run to their computers to share their happiness, they simply live it. Funny thing is at that time I was just sick of men and needed a long break.

My experience has indicated that it is usually the discontented individuals who put the energy behind communicating ‘this’ to the rest of the world, not the happy ones. Finding so much information on the internet, or wherever, reflecting all of the failed Cuban-Foreigner marriages, is not necessarily a true reflection on how many fail and how many succeed. To make my story short, we spent a beautiful week together and kept in touch everyday by emails and by sending “beeps” letting the phone ring without answering which means he thinks about me or vice-versa.

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