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System-Message: Error Calling external object function export at line 260 in function of_makro_output_crystal of object ue_reportobject..: Run the datacheck in beas to correct incorrect fields. In SAP - Server - Folder B1_SHR\beas software\reportviewer the MSI-Installer is located. Error printout Crystaldokument (Failed to load database information.

Other similar error: Can also occur at the message "... Please choose "Database-wizard" - connection in the crystal-report data.

BQE offers Consulting Services to upsize your older custom reports and invoice templates to the latest version for a nominal fee.

To contact our Report Customization Team, please call Sales at (888) 245-5669.

This is mostly with invoices that have sub reports. In the Edit Parameter Field window, set the Value Type field to ‘string’.• When converting non-billable expense entries to Bill Quick 2009, the value of ‘amount’ is calculated and displayed unlike the earlier versions of Bill Quick.

In this case, open the sub report in Crystal 9 or later. Scroll to the Parameter Fields in the navigator window. Right click on Pm-Transaction Table-Transaction ID. However, the entry remains red to signify its non-billable property.

After Crystal Reports is installed, you can specify in User Preferences-Folders screen where Crystal Reports Designer is located.

Make sure that you select the same database field in both the boxes and uncheck Match Type option. Click Close in the ‘Set Data Source Location’ dialog and exit.14. If you get an error message regarding Boolean fields, replace every true value by -1 and false by 0 in Formula Workshop. If there are no errors then your report is successfully upsized to Crystal 9 or later.15. If your report contains sub reports, select each of the sub report from the Current Data Source list in Set Data Source Location dialog and repeat the steps 9 to 14.Click the ‘Save’ button to update the new data source information in the Current Data Source list.If the new data source is different from the one you're replacing, the ’Map Fields’ dialog appears which is used to link report fields to their corresponding database fields when changes are made to the structure of the database.Open your report in Crystal Reports version 9 or later.2. Click ‘Create New Connection’ under this folder to launch the OLE DB (ADO) Wizard.5. By default, the password of your Bill Quick 2009 database is ‘admin’.8.From the File menu, choose Save As to save the report with a different name.3. In the Set Data Source Location dialog, ‘Current Data Source’ list displays the database and tables currently used in the report. Click Finish to save your changes and close the OLE DB (ADO) Wizard.9.

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