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INjera spotted the Carluccio cook book, I seriously did not know that was in shot. I am more a Jill Dupleix, WW, Donna Hay and Bill Grainger. Have tried to open the video link but it wont open. Sorry, I don’t use this yahoo email address anymore and I was just checking it out to avoid work!

I don’t think we see foreheads moving much on TV as I got a shock.

:) This long time onscreen personality/pseudo celebrity from back in the day has been making a come back of sorts through her offspring who is turning into a celebrity.

"He's gone out after curfew and gone by her apartment and they've gone to [Hollywood bakery] Doughboys, which is one of both of their favorite places.

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Adam then begins a culinary tour through New Zealand.

It’s here that he gets a taste of famous export crops and Māori tradition in the form of a ‘Hāngi’ and cooking at an iconic New Zealand ‘bach’ on the North Island.

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