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Importantly, the identity of the commenter is disclosed and anonymous commentary is not allowed.This mitigates potentially harmful commentary, since the individual is disclosed and will have to stand by their remarks.However, there are tangible benefits to the scientist who uses preprints, a subset of which are described below.

Back to Index In the present day reward system, journal publications play a major role in funding and promotions.

Indeed, in some cases, commentary might help a submitted paper (see Can a Preprint Help My Journal Submission? However, the usefulness and perhaps unintended consequences of commentary on preprint servers should be evaluated especially when more data has been acquired on this important issue.

We currently have included a question on whether authors want commentary and what type of commentary on our recent ASAPbio survey.

Back to Index Poor quality publications, irreproducibility, and scooping are already issues with our journal system, but there is no current evidence that the situation will worsen with preprints.

Most of these (with the exception of human research) have been tested with physics research and have not come to pass with ar Xiv; nor is there any indication that these problems are surfacing in biology preprints.

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