Christian dating world wide

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It is under vicious attack by pagans and quasi-Christian preterists.

A very subtle world leader will be the power broker.

Worrisome matters of peace, security, and national sovereignty are beginning to intrude upon our thoughts, enter our conversations, and threaten our present day happiness.

Puzzling events are unfolding all around us, financially, economically, politically, and most importantly, spiritually.

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The ten global bio-regions, (currently economic and banking regions), have actually have been marked out on a map and given new names. The new NAFTA and North American Union reality is erasing the line on the map between Mexico and the USA.Broadband users may view it on this short You Tube Video.A host of prominent and powerful people have been working towards the establishment of this New World Order, and a for a long time.Have we seen national or state borders dissolve in the history of the West? During the Puritan era in the mid-1600's Oliver Cromwell dissolved the borders between England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to create Great Britain.In the 19th Century Mazzini united the Italian duchies to form the nation of Italy.

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