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There are several popular wiki sites that hold information on her and her biography.

This sexy singer with an amazing height has correspondingly attained a rising height in her profession.

u know the troth Chealsea so stop pretending ......truthful to ur hart for once".While chatting to on the red carpet at the American Music Awards, Bennett confirmed her as a part of the newly reformed recording set.This prepared her the first participant of a brand new line-up that maker Robin Antin confirmed to Billboard was in the procedure of being built.The group involved of seven participants at their formation in 2007, but had dropped to five by 2008. She was presented in a remix of William’s "I Got It from My Mama".Each participant comes from a different country: Aria Crescendo, Kelly Beckett from Barbados, Shar Mae Amor, Bennett and Chelsea Korka. She also combined in the Party Rock Tour with LMFAO. She often works with Robin Antin and is introduced in the Pussycat Dolls' second fitness DVD.

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