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After you get the number, it’s OK to call the next day and schedule a date for the following or same evening. Legendary Brazilian songstress Alcione praises rising star Iza: ‘We, Brazilian people, deserve the artist that you are’, wrote samba great in honor of new pop star Through her Instagram profile, …

Signs that a girl is open to dating a gringo, she has lived/travel abroad, she speaks great English, she had/has gringo friends, she hangs out in places where gringos go, etc. If you only speak English, you will most likely meet girls who speak English and have travelled/lived in US (or Europe) and hang out around gringos (see #1 above).

Persecution of blacks was common in Latin America after independence.

Some countries, like Argentina, nearly wiped out their blacks.

Unfortunately male gringos in Brazil have a negative reputation as prostitute seekers and exploiters of Brazil’s natural resources (i.e., women). The girls are especially sensitive to such stereotypes, and as a result they will take any negative “asshole-type” behavior very personally.

Even a light tease that’s culturally acceptable anywhere else can result in backlash, while the same behavior from a Brazilian guy can be totally acceptable.

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