Blackberry messenger contacts not updating

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Thinking back, BBM was one of the selling points that got me on the Black Berry platform to begin with.

The friend who sold me on moving to Black Berry back then is now a long-standing Android user.

Their management missteps in previous years have hobbled a once dominant mobile technology player.

It will be difficult for BBM, because so many other enterprise social tools now have the attention of enterprise mobile users.

Therefore, it’s good news that BBM (Black Berry Messenger), one of the potential saviors of the Black Berry legacy, is now available for i OS and Android.

This particular post focuses on BBM for the i Phone, but you can also use the BBM i OS app on an i Pad.

It’s hard to see if BBM can regain that selling point, considering that enterprise and personal smartphone users have moved onto other enterprise and consumer social tools for mobile messaging.

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You can use BBM for group chats and sharing of pictures, lists, and appointments.

What I do like is that BBM users have two ways to opt-in, which gives them control over who can send them messages.

This is a nice feature for corporate-owned devices.

Pulling the launch date of BBM from last summer until recently didn’t hurt initial interest in the app. I had signed up on the Black Berry site months ago, still full of hope for the app after writing about the Black Berry Z10.

I downloaded the BBM app when I heard that it was available from the App Store.

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