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You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.This particular story features characters under the age of 18.He reminded her of a younger Matthew Mc Conaughey, the actor. "Yeah, he is cool and he's a lot of fun," Tessa agreed. He hangs around with some people who aren't exactly, well, nice." Rachelle shrugged. Don't worry, I've had enough losers hit on me to know when some guy is no good. At least that was what the boys had said to her anyway!She met him that first day in school in her math class and he sat right across from her. And right now, I'm not seeing anything like that with Colin." Tessa dropped the subject. Rachelle could barely contain herself as she announced to her parents at suppertime that she had been asked on a date.His care-free attitude was an immediate turn-on to Rachelle, and she felt herself falling for him. Rachelle didn't say anything to her new friend, but it sort of sounded to her like maybe Tessa was a little jealous. Her dad thought it was great that she was making such a good adjustment to life in Port City. At the movie theatre, the two lovebirds snuggled up to each other, Colin placing his arm around her shoulders.

He had been working for the company for nearly 15 years and he knew he was due for it. So, perhaps things weren't going to be as bad as Rachelle originally thought. " her mother asked, placing her hand on Rachelle's arm. "I've never had to be the new kid." "Oh, it's going to be fun. Think of all the new friends you'll make." "I don't want new friends," Rachelle whined. In Beddington, Rachelle had been under a lot of peer pressure from her friends to have sex.

Rachelle had been in sports and had been a very popular girl at her school. It came with a sizable increase in salary, and to celebrate, he was taking the whole family to Hawaii for a vacation! His promotion meant that he would no longer be working at the office in Beddington. It was incomprehensible to have to leave her school and all her friends she had grown up with and start all over. Her father had sympathized but he tried to explain to her that she should look at it as a part of growing up. It was in a very nice upper-class neighbourhood and was well over twice the size of their old home in Beddington.

Her father worked in the sales department of a large furniture-making company in Beddington. And it was the reason Rachelle now found herself at a new school in Port City. Rachelle, her younger sister Danielle, and her little brother Ryan, were ecstatic. He was being transferred to the head office in Port City, a hundred miles away. He also explained that it was a great opportunity for the whole family and it was going to mean a better life for all of them. She had a huge new second-floor bedroom and her parents even bought her a new queen-sized bed for it.

His heart pounded with anticipation as his hand disappeared under the hem of her short dress and into her panties.

He felt her move her legs apart as she gave him access to her sweet honey pot.

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