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Extra curricular like sports and recreational events are also promoted.4. Company respects personal time of the employee and promote to maintain work-life balance.6. Management persists to maintain the work life balance.3.

Finance, Legal, Social Media etc.-- Trainings are started and are quiet fruitful for the employees-- Good Policies-- Great Appraisals Pros Good CSR activities and other policies.

I had originally signed up for 6 months thinking I wasn't going to meet anyone straight away and we got together after my 2nd month on the site. We now have a 10 week old son and about to set the date of our wedding. Never thought that online dating worked but it really does so glad i went and joined one.

I asked to stop my subscription and they actually refunded me. We got married last July and still happily in love. Anita Roberts: I met my fiancé online last July after being on my own for five years. Nat 'alla Taylor: I met my boyfriend 8 years ago from a web site called FACEPARTY, got taking online for a few hours found out we lived round corner from each other met up in person at our local shop and been together ever since.

In the United Kingdom, Facebook still reigns supreme on the social networking landscape.

Open door policy allows you to convey your message directly to the management.5. Pros-- Great QA Processes-- Great Projects in different domains i.e.

Growth of an individual is taken care in a great manner. Challenging projects and technologies to work with.4.

Anyone familiar with social networking sites will see that Bebo offers many of the same features as other sites.

You can register a free account with Bebo and upload photos, videos and information.

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