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They found that neither river plume nor BBL of the Vistula Estuary in the southern Baltic Sea are hotspots for nitrification.Instead, short term changes such as sediment re-suspension during a storm event or oxygenation of anoxic water can significantly enhance nitrification.Read the full story here: Bartl I, Liskow I, Schulz K, Umlauf L, Voss M (2018) River plume and bottom boundary layer – Hotspots for nitrification in a coastal bay?

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D4, D5, and D6 were present in herring muscle at concentrations around 10, 200, and 40 ng g lipid weight, respectively.

The ratio of these concentrations was similar to the relative magnitude of estimated emissions to water, suggesting that the efficiency of overall transfer through the environment and food web was similar (within a factor 2–3) for the three chemicals.

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