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You’re comparing a black and white picture of a hook-nosed swarthy Georgian man with the one of an entertainer of mixed South and North/West European background who had several plastic surgery treatments, and whose natural appareance (before she become famous) was this: OTc5MTYz Nj she looks more armenoid before she was famous their eyes are quite similars Log in to Reply Article on Britney’s ancestors, including photos of grandparents Lillian Portell and Barnett Bridges, and great-grandparents Lillian Lewis and George Portell/Portelli: in to Reply All of those heritage are BRITISH.

Judy garland with blonde hair looks exactly like younger Britney Spears in to Reply Okay thanks I forgot about that.

I don’t mean to get personal but out of curiosity you’re of Finnish descent right?

Log in to Reply I suspected you were trolling, partly because you referred to the totally existing “Lapland Peninsula” and partly because I already knew you grew up in Haugesund with bearboy, not Finland. @Andrew Quote(@fuzzybear I have never said anything about my background and I have alwais been reluctant, until Follers spotted my Finnish roots.) Well it doesn’t matter to me if you’re (Italian, French, German or English), It’s no big deal to me.

2nd of all it’s called an opinion and btw you’re the idiot who laughs at minorities that don’t agree with you politically. probably a mixture of Palestinian and South African DNA with a drop of Chinese. This is how she looked before having a rhinoplasty (her nose looks thinner now) OTc5MTYz Nj An “Armenoid” girl has this look: in to Reply Lady Gaga’s father is of Sicilian descent, not Lady Gaga. Average Sicilian does not look Armenoid/West Asian besides some cherrypicked examples.

So maybe get a brain before calling anyone else an idiot okay Log in to Reply Neiltennant I take back my critical comment against you.. Also (Ashkenazi) Jews can look like anything and they’re different from Sicilians. Sicilian woman by Wilhelm von Gloeden looks like lady gaga deal with it, lady gaga came out really italian with alpine and armenoid phenotype. Btw you still have no clue about what Armenoid phenotype is since you’re completely brainwashed to put Sicilian, Lebanese and Jews in the same bag.

Sources: Genealogies of Britney Spears – of Britney’s paternal grandparents, June Austin Spears and Emma Jean Forbes – about the family of Britney’s maternal grandmother, Lilian Irene Portell – Helga Esteb / This website is great with lots of happy people but please lets not whitewash history. Although Britney Spears is part Irish which has some of the same features as Scandinavians (such as being fair skinned).

Yes, a friend of mine does look like Bradley but tbh the American actor is better looking.

Lebanon is an Arab/MENA country while Sicily is part of Southern Europe, and Lady Gaga is not Armenoid at all: OTc5MTYz Nj So?

this is armenoid phenotype very common in many southern italians, and lady gaga does it in many pictures.

She is the sister of actress and singer Jamie Lynn Spears.

Britney has two children with her former husband, dancer, rapper, model, and actor Kevin Federline.

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