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Possible designs for a baseball park or multi-purpose stadium were proposed as early as 1983.

In October 2008, Tropicana Field hosted its first ever baseball postseason games as the Rays met the Chicago White Sox in the American League Division Series, the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series, and the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

Ultimately, it was decided that a stadium with a fixed permanent dome was necessary for a prospective major league team to be viable in the area, due to its hot, humid summers and frequent thunderstorms.

Ballpark construction began in 1986 in the hope that it would lure a Major League Baseball team to the facility.

In 2006, the Devil Rays added a live Cownose ray tank to Tropicana Field, the tank is located just behind the center field wall, in clear view of the play on the field.

People can go up to the tank to touch the creatures.

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