Are the co stars of beauty and the beast dating

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That's a lot of things to get right in one shot if you want to have that one shot look believable and not take you out of the movie.

Kelly Port: Our production designer, Sarah Greenwood, did an amazing job with her team in building these gorgeous sets, like the ballroom and the foyer where they walk down the stairs before they go into the main ballroom dance.

"She dropped out of ‘La La Land’ for 'Beauty and the Beast' and I’m sure now she must feel like she did the right thing," Williamson said. Whether it's big studio movies and then interesting indie films, similar to Amy Adams' career.” Watson is currently working on the film, "The Circle," co-starring Tom Hanks and Glenne Headly.

Based on a novel written by Dave Eggers, "The Circle" tells the tale of a young woman who gets a job in a technology firm, only to become involved with a mysterious older man.

He's wearing a cloak which is made up of hundreds of different shredded pieces of material and fabric.

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'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' OPENS WITH MONSTROUS 0M WEEKEND According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watson could make a cool million if the movie makes 0 million globally. She’s America’s sweetheart and a global sweetheart,” said Liza Anderson, celebrity publicist and founder of Anderson Group Public Relations.Experts say Watson – who is also known for her role in the super successful “Harry Potter” film franchise – will have her pick of high-profile roles if she wants them. To put Hollywood actor's salaries into perspective, in 2016, Jennifer Lawrence was the top-earning actress, making million and actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson elbowed out reigning top-ranked Robert Downey Jr.“I think she basically has the world in the palm of her hand. to become the world's highest-paid actor with a .5 million payday.Emma Watson is fast becoming the Belle of Hollywood’s ball.Watson was reportedly offered million upfront to play Belle in the latest Disney live-action film directed by Bill Condon, but the 26-year-old actress also signed a deal that entitles her to a cut of the film’s earnings, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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