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Kim unhooked her bra and let her 34D cup tits out of the suit.

She undid the stings of her bathing suit bottoms and now she was completely naked for the world to see.

As I was slightly nervous being naked on a beach for my first time, my penis was barley showing - just a small head and no shaft visible to the naked eye.

Kim suggested we go for a walk along the beach and I reluctantly agreed.

I could see that she had a look of amazement on her face.

I must admit I felt terribly inadequate standing next to him - the size difference was like night and day.

I woke up and threw on a pair of boxers so we could head out to the beach and get the vacation started early.A few times I caught Kim looking at his penis and you could tell that she was a bit flushed for sure. I only could imagine that her pussy was starting to get a bit wet from all the staring.They came back to our towels and we offered them a drink of water.So I stood up and pulled down my suit and let my penis feel the fresh ocean air.I have always been a bit self conscious about the size of my penis, particularly its girth or lack thereof.

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